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Thursday, 04 May, 2006
Friday, 05 May, 2006
Saturday, 06 May, 2006
Sunday, 07 May, 2006


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An Evening With Gary Lineker
By Chris England
Directed By James Calvert

04 May. 06 - 07 May. 06

This Mellow Drama production told the tale of a group of holiday makers in Spain trying to enjoy their holiday, romances and affairs against the backdrop of the 1990 World Cup. Written by Chris England, the play focusses on one match in particular – the semi-final between England and Germany and the group who have assembled in the hotel room to watch it. As the drama develops on the pitch, more develops off the pitch as the various couples slowly reveal the truth about their relationships all the way through to the penalty shoot out. An Evening with Gary Lineker was directed by James Calvert and performed at the Manoel Theatre. It starred John Montanaro, Steve Casaletto, Julia Calvert, Michael Zammit Maemple and Faye Paris.


Faye Paris
Faye Paris -

It’s not the first time Faye has taken her clothes off on stage or played the village nerd. One hopes she is not being type cast! Faye’s more recent roles include a woman in a library in ‘The Sex Comedies’ by Iain Heggie, an Airman in ‘Alo` Alo`’, Sister James in John Patrick Shanley’s ‘Doubt’, a witch in the Scottish play, Hermia in ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’, Stella in Tennesse Williams’ ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’ and Anne Page in Shakespeare’s Merry Wives of Windsor. Previously Faye has played the roles of Monica in ‘An Evening with Gary Lineker’ by Arthur Smith and Chris England, Sir Prize in 2005/06 MADC’s Christmas Panto ‘Sleeping Beauty’, Maureen in Alan Ayckbourne’s ‘Time of my Life’, Rachel in Robin Hawdon’s ‘Perfect Wedding’, Brooke in Michael Frayne’s ‘Noises Off’, Ariel in ‘The Tempest’, Bolletta in Henrik Ibsen’s ‘The Lady from the Sea’, Mitzi in John Chapman and Michael Pertwee’s ‘Look no Hans’, Constance in Peter Schaffer’s ‘Amadeus’.

John Montanaro
John Montanaro -

John started acting at the age of 16 when he took part in a production of the play whose name we cannot mention (just in case). Next up was a small part in HMS Pinafore where he met Pia who introduced him to the world of MADC. Since then John has never looked back, taking part in many one-acts, pantos, musicals and farces at a wide variety of venues. He also enjoyed an entertaining stint as Gabriel in the television series Angli. His recent shows for Mellow Drama include Kissing Sid James, An Evening with Gary Lineker, The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged), Unoriginal Sin, All the Great Books (abridged) and Gasping. Throughout his acting career, John has always enjoyed making people laugh and that is why he jumped at the chance to be a co-founder of Mellow Drama.

Julia Calvert
Julia Calvert -

Julia has always enjoyed acting and, from an early age showed signs of her future calling when locking her grandparents in a room and forcing them to watch her perform. She took this evident enthusiasm and fine tuned it in England where she studied theatre. Her roles on stage, both in the UK and Malta, have seen her tackle a huge variety of different types of theatre because, as she says, it’s always nice to try out different things. She proves this with her jump from the thespian stage with leading roles in Othello and Tempest to her dive into the more somber world of Six Character in Search of an Author and Medea. However, her love for comedy overrides all and she feels in her true element when on stage providing the audience with a good laugh. From Perfect Wedding to An Evening with Gary Lineker and from Kissing Sid James to The 39 Steps, Julia is most at home when bringing smiles to people’s faces.

Michael Zammit Maempel
Michael Zammit Maempel -

Being a lawyer by profession, this means that when he's not strutting around dressed in funny outfits and delivering pompous orations on stage, Michael is typically found strutting around dressed in funny outfits and delivering pompous orations in court - usually to unimpressed judges.  Apart from performing in four MADC pantos many moons ago, Michael has also played various Shakespearean roles: Lysander (Midsummer Night's Dream), Lorenzo (Merchant of Venice) and Tranio (Taming of the Shrew).  He also holds the Award for "Most Promising Actor - 1996" and "Best Director - 2004" as part of the MADC's One Act Play Festival.

Steve Casaletto
Steve Casaletto -

Steve Casaletto is an experienced actor and director.  His acting credits span many diverse styles from Shakespeare to pantomime and from musicals to farce. His acting credits include Bill in An Evening with Gary Lineker, Adam in The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged) for Mellow Drama, Cassio in Othelo, leading roles in six Christmas pantomimes, Le Cage Aux Folles, School For Scandal, Chorus of Disapproval, Rebecca and Private Lives all for MADC. Also leads in West Side Story and Me and My Girl for CUE and Annie for Masquerade. Winner of Best Actor in the MADC One Act Play Festival in Anyone for Cricket. His directing credits include Perfect Wedding, The Coarse Acting Show (MADC 90th Anniversary Celebration), Sleeping Beauty, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, Robin Hood and Babes in the Wood, Ali Baba and the Fourteen Thieves and Charlie’s Aunt all for MADC. He has also directed three one act plays winning Best Director with the play Put Some Clothes on Clarisse.